spicy Hot & Spicy

Chef s Specialties

(w. White Rice)
Fried Rice $1.00 Extra, Vegetable or Roast Pork or Chciken Fried Rice $1.00 Extra, Shrimp or Beef Fried Rice $2.00 Extra, House Special Fried Rice $2.50 Extra

S1. New York-New York
Sliced pork, shrimp, beef and chicken sauteed with vegetable in tasty brown sauce.
S2. Seafood Delight
Lobster, king crabmeat, scallops, jumbo shrimp sauteed with assorted Chinese vegetable.
S3. Sesame Chicken
(white meat add $1)
spicyS4. Orange Flavor Beef
Chunks of beef with orange peel in spicy sauce.
S5. Dragon Meets Phoenix 10.25
spicyS6. Shrimp & Pork Hunan Style
Large shrimp in chili sauce, on the other side, shredded pork in black bean sauce.
spicyS7. Triple Delight
A delightful combination of sliced fresh shrimp, pork and chicken with leeks in a mild hot bean sauce.
S8. Golden Three Delicacies
Slice prawns, slice chicken, slice pork and scallions sauteed with bean sauce.
spicyS9. Perfect Match 10.50
spicyS10. Beef & Scallop
Fresh beef and scallops sauteed mixed vegetables in brown sauce.
spicyS11. Hunan Beef 8.99
spicyS12. Empire Shrimp
Fresh jumbo shrimp with vegetable cooked with chef special hot brown sauce.
spicyS13. Crispy Shrimp w. Walnut
Jumbo shrimp balls, seasoned first, slightly batter fried and then stir mix with some delicious, tenuous tangerine sauce, topped with honey glazed walnuts.
S14. King's House Special
Jumbo shrimp, fresh sea scallops, crabmeat and lobster meat sauteed with snow peas, baby corn, straw mushroom and red pepper in Szechuan brown sauce.
S15. Subgum Wonton
Fried wonton, mixed vegetable, chicken, shrimp & pork.
spicyS16. Mongolian Beef 8.99
spicyS17. Prawns Hunan Style
Jumbo shrimp and peppers, broccoli, waterchestnuts, straw mushroom and Hunan sauce.
spicyS18. General Tso's Chicken
(white meat add $1)
Chunks of boneless chicken sauteed with lots of broccoli in Hunan sauce.
spicyS19. Shrimp & Chicken Szechuan Style
Baby shrimp with chicken sauteed with special Szechuan sauce.
S20. Lemon Chicken
Sliced white meat chicken deep fried on top with fresh lemon sauce.
spicyS21. Orange Flavor Chicken
(white meat add $1)
Chunks of chicken with orange peel in spicy sauce.
S22. Double Wonder
Fresh chunks of chicken sauteed with brown sauce on one side, fresh scallops sauteed with black bean sauce on the other side with broccoli.
spicyS23. Chicken Hunan Style
Sliced tender chicken sauteed broccoli, straw mushroom, carrots, bamboo shots and showered with hot pepper sauce.
spicyS24. Chicken w. Garlic Sauce
Chunk of chicken w. woodear, green pepper, snow peas, spinach, carrots, waterchestnuts, and corn in garlic sauce.
spicyS25. Szechuan Beef or Chicken 8.55
spicyS26. Shrimp w. Hot Pepper Sauce 9.49
S27. Pineapple Chicken 8.95
S28. Happy Family 11.95
S29. Bourbon Chicken 9.15